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Neuro-Optometry Rehabilitation

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The cerebellum contains more then 50 percent of the brains neurons!  The brain consumes 20 percent of the body’s oxygen.  Blood rushes to the cerebellum when a person prepares to perform a task.  Oxygen molecules pass from the blood, reaching the neurons with the help of glial cells that out number neurons 10 to 1.

The cerebellum of course, has a regulatory effect on eye movement.  The eyes have two types of functions, A. Image delivery from central visional function, and B. Peripheral or ambient vision.  The Lateral Geniculate Body connects the optic nerve with the occipital cortex, but it also relays visual information to parts of the brain other then the visual cortex.


The Lateral Geniculate Body feeds information into the Superior Brachium to the Superior Colliculus, which influences sensory motor pathways through the Spinotectal Tract.  It is the peripheral or ambient visual process that links up with the sensory motor pathway at the level of the Mid Brain.The matching information that occurs between the ambient visual process, kinesthetic, proprioceptive, vestibular and tactile systems sets up a special framework that becomes the basis of higher sensory interpretation. A limitation to the visual process will alter the effects on the motor systems and vice versa. An infant is more dependent on ambient vision and as motor development becomes organized the focal process of vision develops in an attempt to refine motor function.

So it is very important that patients who have motor impairments seek out specialists in Neuro-Optometry Rehabilitation. Ambient vision, not focusing, is the critical issue related to disorders of posture, balance and movement.

For more information and where to find a specialist in your area can be had by contacting: 
Neuro-Optometrist Rehabilitation Association (NORA)
C/O: Carolyn Carmen Merrifield, OD
5616 S.W. Green
Oaks Bluff, Arlington, TX 76017.



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