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Lesley, Mother to Justin

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Our 16 year old, Justin, was born with a neurological disorder that resulted from a genetic defect.  He has multiple problems due mostly to abnormal muscle tone that has increased through the years.  He had become “trapped” in his tight deformed little body, unable to walk or talk due to the spasticity of his muscles.  In September of 2006, my husband and I talked to some people who, for the first time, gave us some hope that Justin could be helped.  We were directed to Cralle Physical Therapy Center in Delray Beach, Fl. – a long way from our home in Colorado.  It was hard for us to believe that anything or anyone could help Justin, but we had to try it. JustinWe found Ray Cralle and his staff to be very gracious and professional.  After 5 weeks of intensive therapy, plus the benefit of nutritional supplement, we have seen some wonderful changes in Justin.  His head and neck, once “stuck” on the left side, is now flexible and he is able to turn his head to the front and even to the right side at times.  He is able to relax his body and is helping to have better arm movements.  Overall, he is more alert and more aware of the world around him.

We plan to bring Justin back in a few months for more therapy, but also to benefit from the new hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit that is being installed at the Center.

Thanks to all of you who have made Justin’s life better and given us hope to look for even more changes in the future.


Lesley, Mother to Justin

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